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Available in E-book & Paperback

A Memoir By
Chris Madison 


Chris Madison was a journalist, press secretary and speechwriter in Washington DC. He grew up in  New York, attended college and graduate school at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and moved to Washington in 1975. He wrote for McGraw Hill Publications and Legal Times before joining National Journal, where he was a staff writer for 13 years. In 1993 he moved to Capitol Hill to be the communications director for the House Foreign Affairs Committee under Chairman Lee H. Hamilton of Indiana.

In 1997, he became Communications Director for Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He was married for 34 years to the late Jane B. Clark, a writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, and with whom he had three children and three grandchildren. After retiring, he moved to Philadelphia in December, 2019. “Out: Being Myself” is his first book.


At times poignant, funny, and sad, the memoir describes his searing childhood, his teenage and college years, when he repressed his homosexuality, and his adult years when he was afraid to reveal his sexuality to his wife. The book then depicts the trauma of coming out in middle age, when he struggled to adjust to his new life in the gay community, including the ups and downs of navigating gay dating. Ten years after coming out, Chris finds peace, friendship, and self-acceptance when he builds a new life as a single, older, gay man in Philadelphia.


"Out: Being Myself" is a candid, honest memoir that chronicles the life of a man who came out as gay after living in a heterosexual marriage for 34 years. Chris Madison, a Washington journalist, speechwriter, and father of three grown children, comes out at 60, says goodbye to his loving wife, and, over a decade, builds a new life as a middle-aged gay man.

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Out: Being Myself
Available in e-book & paperback  
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